Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back from Misery (Missouri)

I hate traveling to visit family. Mine or hubby's. It screws with me. Big time.

It's an 8 hour drive to hubby's sisters house. We get there in time for our niece's birthday party. 5 minutes there my daughter cuts her foot on a glass music box that was on the messy messy messy floor of her children's room. Now, I'm not talking cluttered. I'm talking a small circular spot where you could put your feet, but it's covered with small pieces of something..(crayon wrappers, dirt, crumbs, papers..who knows). It was an accident but I was furious. Why on earth would you allow your children to be like that..especially when you also have a 2 year old that you run around...and why on earth wouldn't you have them clean it when company is coming? Her foot was cut but we didn't need to go into the e/r thankfully (however my SIL says she's had plenty of experience there with her 5 kids)...grr..

THEN after about 30 minutes my SIL and MIL leave to go pick up the cake at Dairy Queen...but then my MIL has to take my niece to Walmart to pick out her birthday present. (DURING THE PARTY TIME!!) She took the niece that is closest in age to my two as well with her. So we waited more than an HOUR for them to get back. Why didn't my mother in law take her another time? Who knows? Why did she wait for everyone to get there to leave? No idea. Did it piss me off that we just drove 8 hours to have them leave for an hour - YOU bet it did! (Apparently they do this every time.) Then of course my SIL asks when we are coming down again) My mind is screaming NEVER....

So what did this do to me...well the Dairy Queen cake never tasted so good. All 3 pieces. My eating was pretty crappy all weekend. I mean it is vacation. But I know all too well what emotional family stress can do. I made it a point to work out as soon as we got home today.

That first day was really the only miserable one. The last 2 were just fine (except my daughter, who is 6 - for some reason kept pooping her pants). We went to a Kansas City Royals, Yankees game - and it was a lot of FUN! And I got some great pictures...ones that when I looked at I said "Wow, I can really tell the difference on me". Here are a couple

Back to the plan though as of 4PM today. Went to Spin, then to pump, ate the healthy dinner..


  1. I thought of you as I realized I was getting into my workout routine before August 25th.... LOL

    Thanks for checking in on me. Now if I can get my food out of vacation mode I'll really be headed down the slipperly slope of weight loss. :)

    You're so inspirational!!

  2. You are looking GREAT! And yes, family vacations can be pretty challenging...

  3. Good job getting back on plan! and you can tell a big difference in these photos and the one of your sidebar :)

  4. You look awesome! Comparing with your pic in the sidebar - you are noticeably skinnier! :)

  5. When I saw this title I was like "Oh no! I love Missouri!" I lived in Kansas City a few years ago during 1 summer for work. I actually also went to several Royals games, one of which was when the Yankees were in town, and it was a ton of fun!