Tuesday, August 23, 2011


11 days and finally a loss. I hate those long stretches. I think my previous longest stretch was 10 days. I think they are always around my TOM, retaining water and constipation. This may be gross, but constipation annoys me. When you go 4 days without doing the business it is very frustrating. I eat tons of fiber so I think it is totally related to the TOM.

Hopefully now I will keep moving down for a month before the cycle starts all over.

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I have the same problem...hubby thinks I never go to the bathroom...

  2. Horrible isn't it - I never had a problem when not dieting, all that fatty and sugary food and all was fine, now healthy eating ..and it can be days. Not fun.
    Well done you on the loss. These plateaus are not fun, but work through them and like today, things start to move again. Onwards and Downwards!

  3. Yay....loss!!! You know I'm with you on TOM...sheesh. :P

    Thanks for being proud about my working out. I appreciate your encouragement!