Monday, August 22, 2011

They are Ready, I am Ready

Tonight is meet the teacher(s) night at my kids' school and they start back on Wednesday. We are all ready for them to get back into a routine. I am ready to get back to having a super duper clean house and to get back to walking the dog after they get on the bus. I'm eagerly awaiting the fall schedule for the fitness center. I hope there aren't too many changes, since I really am in a good groove with my schedule.

So I have been wondering something lately about church people (of which I am one). I belong to two book groups - one is from our old church and it is all about mothering. There's about 9-10 ladies who get together once a month. The other is the one I started last October and we read different books each month based on a members choice. Most are not church goers and again are 9 ladies. When I go to the non church one, all the ladies each month are just so affirming of my efforts, telling me how awesome I look and are interested in what I'm doing. At my moms group, no-one says a word about my weight loss at all. I thought about this and historically, every time I've tried to lose weight and have had some success, those of my friends who I know from church NEVER talk about it, while others are freely complimenting.

I don't want to be too narcissistic here. I don't want to be fishing for compliments, But it just makes me think, because here are two groups, both women, both meet once a month and the one that is the most affirming is the one that is NOT affiliated with a church/God. This doesn't change my own faith, but it is just something I've become aware of. Don't misunderstand, all these ladies are lovely, and when I'm in the depths, (which I haven't been in for some time) they are encouraging. I'm just a firm believer in encouraging ALL the time.

Happy Monday, all!


  1. This has perplexed me as well. Not the weight thing, but just how sometimes, my theatre friends can be SO MUCH MORE friendly & encouraging & supportive than my church friends. It's sad but it's true! I am trying to be the church friend who IS supportive & encouraging! :)

  2. Maybe the people at church simply don't pay so much attention to the outward appearance of people... maybe they think if they say something and encourage you, this might lead you to become vain?

  3. That's interesting and something I'd have to think about... hhhmmm...

    My church friends are my second family and have been as encouraging in my weight loss efforts as anyone that does not attend church.

    I'd be interested to see what others say on this. Thanks for posting it. Interesting...