Friday, August 5, 2011

The T-Shirt Ban

I've all but banned T-shirts from my daily attire (with the exception of when I'm cleaning the house.

All my life I've worn t-shirts that were even a size larger than they could/should have been to hide the fat and hide the arms. Even though I still have fat and still have big arms, I don't want to wear them. Maybe it's because they hide the progress, but really I think it is because they make me FEEL fat. Obese. Like I should hide behind the fabric of a large, shapeless t-shirt. I do have 2 t-shirts that are more fitted that I will wear on occasion. But other than that, my t-shirt drawer remains barely opened.

The summer has been spent wearing sleeveless tops. I've got the best tan I've had in my entire (almost) 37 years of life. And you know what? I've only been complimented all summer, not ridiculed for showing my fat arms. I used to admire fat girls who wore tank tops and short skirts. Because they seemed to have a self confidence that I lacked. Losing this weight is giving me so much self confidence.

Are you hiding in your stretchy fabrics? I challenge you to break out of it! Leave the elastic bands behind! (The only elastic bands I have are in my workout pants not day to day clothes!)

Have a Fabulous Friday! :)


  1. I like to wear "curve-emphasizing" shirts - despites my breasts shrinking with weight loss, I've maintained nice curves, and there are T-shirts to show them off without revealing that there are still some "chubby cushions" underneath. T-shirts are practical, and since we are not allowed to show bare shoulders at work (Muslim office), I prefer T-shirts over blouses most of the time. (Somehow, the buttons over my chest always open themselves. Can't flash the patients, might give them a heart attack!)

  2. I hate wearing t-shirts. I don't even wear them to workout, instead i wear these tee's from old navy that are longer & more fitted. I just feel like regular t-shirts make me look even bigger...they don't fit right either b/c an XL fits everywhere except it's too tight around my stomach, but an XXL fits my stomach but the sleeves are too long & the seam at your shoulders looks goofy! LOL. I much prefer the more fitted ones.