Monday, August 8, 2011


I am for some reason retaining a whole lot of something. Today I way 6 lbs more than last Thursday and there is no way I have gained this!! This sucks!!! Ugh. It can mess with you when one day you weigh 229 and 4 days later you weigh 236! I did eat more ghan usual this weekend, but not crazy and certAinly not six lbs of calories worth!!! And I exercised every day of the weekend! This is my first GRrrr post in a while. Blah


  1. those scales! You have to accept academically that especially for women there isnt such a direct 100% correlation between what you eat and what you weigh. I accept generally the truths in there and especially the long term truth but week to week you have to factor other things here. Hormones, salt/water intake, muscle development, metabolism changes. If you look at the long term picture you are doing brilliantly. Don't let one week discourage you too much - you know you've exercised well and food choices are not the whole story. Just keep on doing what you're doing because you're changing everything. I love to follow your blog

  2. You know it's most likely just slow digestion or water retention - didn't you say you were sore from pilates? Sore muscles retain water, that's what makes them appear bulkier in the beginning when starting a more difficoult routine.