Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sometimes I can be very selfish. This weight loss journey, while it is good and right, has made me selfish too. My workout schedule must be fit in despite what others want, I make meal choices with me in mind more than others.

It might be a necessary evil in order to accomplish the goals I have. And ultimately I want to be around for a long time for my hubby and girls, so that is somewhat selfless.

But recognizing this, I have decided to take my hubby on a date, and go see a movie HE wants to see (Captain America). I took my kids to Monkey Joe's AND Chuck E Cheese this week (Two places I like to avoid most of the time!!). Life is about give and take and while I need to take time in order to lose weight, I need to remember to give, too!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Many women I know feel bad when they focus on themselves - their own health, their own needs. And while you are right that life is about giving and taking, I do not think that healthy meal choices and workout time are selfish. You are setting a good example for your girls, something they will most likely remember for the rest of their lives, and hence giving them the tools to create healthy lives for themselves. Coming from a family with very unhealhty habits (especially my mother: Smoking up to 60 cigarettes per day, staying in bed for days eating crisps and chocolates, going weeks without cooking a single vegetable, ...), I think you underestimate what you are doing for your girls.

    Yesterday, we went out to celebrate our four-year anniversary (which was two weeks ago, when we were too busy for the usual dinner stuff), and I took the BF to a steakhouse, since he loves steak and does not get as much of it at home as he would like (which is, every day, several meals *g*). I skipped my running session so we could go out in time after getting the household weekend-ready. But that's about it for compromise. ^^