Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can you Stand ANOTHER Happy Post?

Honestly, the last two days I've been a raging hormonal monster (thank you Aunt Flo) but today I had something happen that made me super happy.

I take 4:00 Spinning class on Tuesdays. There are quite a few regulars who I've been getting to know. There's one guy, Don (in his late 50's) who I haven't really talked to too much. He came up to me today and said. "You look like you are doing really well. You look really good." I shared with him that I was close to having lost 50 lbs and he looked shocked and then gave me a hug! This little bit of encouragement is so huge. Getting compliments from men is big. - Not in a flirty, I'm looking for something better kind of way. I love my husband and there isn't anyone better for me - but because men don't generally take the time to give compliments like that to a woman (and this guy has a wife that takes the class with us too, so it was no way a come one).

This was like the guy who gave me a high 5 when I finished the 5K in June. Just the fact that he would take the time to high 5 me...fat me...it's just huge. I'm sure there are some daddy issues wrapped up in here...like the fact that my dad hardly noticed anything about me so the compliments were very few and very far between, and the fact that my brother has NEVER complimented me in my life. But it makes me happy.

My husband is great. He compliments me daily. Tells me how great I am doing. How beautiful I am. Daily. He fully supports my efforts. IN fact, when I asked whether I should get a job since the kids are in school he said "No, you are doing so well working out, I'd rather you focus on that. There will be time to work in the future". I love this man. He is truly a prince.


  1. wonderful Jody! 50 lbs. I love to see this...after starts and stalls it feels good to be rolling in a good direction doesn't it?! I know what you mean about compliments from strangers. They have no veste dinterest in bs-ing you...so it's honest. Great job! Keep up the good work.

  2. Wow! That is so awesome & I KNOW that felt good! The compliment in spin class & the high-five at the 5k! SO AWESOME!!!

    Your husband sounds great too! Mine is super supportive! Wish he would tell me i didn't have to work, though! HA! :)