Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am NOT a suck up!!!!

Ok. I am annoyed. Today I went to body flow as usual. I had bought a small gift for the instructor as a thank you, since I just reached the 50 lbs lost mark. Donna was very touched by the sentiment. During class she mentioned briefly that it was a great day because I brought her a present, and not even a second later I heard someone say not loudly, but not softly either, thAt I was a "suck up". Well of course I replied loudly that I was NOT a suck up!! Geez. Why do people have to spit on someone else's kindness. Annoyed!!


  1. LOL - I would have said, "Yes I am!" Don't let ignorant people ruin your day, it's what they want!

  2. I've learned that some adults never grow up and leave the school yard. That sort of comment is the mindset of a juvenile. Adults would consider a small gift as a "thank-you' - is a courtesy, a kindness, a thoughtfulness that would be appreciated and looked well on by others.
    Why do people have to spit on someone else's kindness? Because they haven't grown up yet. Hard though it is , ignore!, the person who matters here is Donna and she reacted as any of us would, by being delighted. Fortunately most people do grow up and leave childish relationships and jealousies behind.
    Your 50lb is well worth celebrating

  3. Forget that comment. People who make rude remarks about others usually do so because they are miserable with themselves. Even more so if they do it in public. The best thing to piss this kind of people of is to be cheerful and just the way you want to be. "Smiling is the best way to bare one's teeth."