Thursday, July 14, 2011

All is Calm

I've calmed down from my crazy eating yesterday. I initially was going to fast, but by lunch time I was really hungry so I figured I'd just go light and keep my metabolism going.

I went to Body Flow (yoga/tai chi) this morning. This is generally my work out schedule

Monday - body Flow - 1 hour
Tuesday - Spin 45 minutes - 1 hour Body Pump (weight lifting)
Wednesday - Pilates - 1 hour
Thursday - Body Flow - 1 hour
Friday - ShBam - 45 minutes
Saturday & Sunday - random - sometimes Body Pump, sometimes jogging

I don't have a ton of cardio right now, but I figure it's more important to be gaining muscles along the way so as a lose fat I am getting tight and not just flabby.

Hope all are well today! :)

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