Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm only Human, after all.

I did not have a very good eating weekend. And this time I cannot blame the irrationality of PMS, but really it was just my irritation with my children and husband. I love them deeply but I am just so tired of picking up after them all the time. Being a stay at home mom intensifies this because it is what I do: ALL THE TIME. So on the weekend when my husband is home and it adds to the mess, I get tired and cranky. So I had some binging behavior (which is still VERY much better than my old binging days) but still. It annoys.

I also worked out at 5:15AM on Friday which means means that it was 72 hours between workouts which is the longest I've gone since March. I really don't think I'll be taking that early class again.

Today was annoying. I went to drop off my kids at a local church VBS. (not our church). THe registration process was SO unorganized. Then they had put my girls in two separate groups when I specifically put them in the same group. So they did change it, but the group they switched them to, the teenage leaders weren't engaging with any of the kids and two of the teenagers were just kind of goofing off. My one daughter didn't want to stay at all. When I went to speak to someone about it and explained that I had asked the girls to be together but I wanted them in the green group, not yellow, this woman said to me that requesting to put them together "was your first mistake!!" I went and grabbed my girls and walked out - I told the woman "Don't you ever tell me that the decisions I make for my children are a mistake!!" I was furious!! GRRRR

But I did go walk/jog for a bit and did BodyFlow followed by 3 hours at the pool. THAT was good!


  1. UGH!!! I am sorry about what happened at the VBS! That doesn't sound like a very good one! :(

    I do understand about the messy house thing! We don't even have kids & I work out of the home, but man... my husband is not the best at picking up after himself. I am patient for awhile & then suddenly the evil witch comes out of me! HAHAHA! It's weird but it literally makes me horribly moody!!


  2. Yeah. picking up after others is a real pain in the a** - still trying to teach the (35-year-old!) BF that it's not okay to put the empty yogurt container on the kitchen table instead of going three steps further and dropping it into the recycling bin. "Honey, is that some kind of art installation? If no, THROW IT AWAY." (He thinks I'm hilarious. I think I may crack his skull eventually.)