Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 6 of C25K complete!!!

I finished week 6 of the Couch to 5K program today. This means that I walked briskly for 5 minutes, jogged for 25 minutes and then cooled down for 5 minutes. Yes, that is right...this overweight body was able to jog for 25 minutes!! Now the rest of the training is all jogging. Next week is all 25 minutes, the week after all 30 minutes! Crazy and amazing that I am able to do this!!

I finally got a visit from Aunt Flo. I looked back 2 weeks ago (which would have been ovulation) and I was having a blue few days. Now 2 weeks BEFORE that I was kind of crazy too, so maybe I just am crazy every two weeks! HAHA!

I'm feeling pretty good...tired from the craziness of the girls birthday and a surprise visit from my sister in law and her 5 kids. My eating hasn't been too bad actually. I did have some of the girls birthday cake, but it was way too sweet to eat that much of it.

I've been almost 3 months free of Diet Coke. My taste buds have definitely changed and can notice more things. Things that are too sweet really disgust me know. I think it is because I do not constantly have the sweet taste of DC in my mouth. I am disappointed though that all this drinking of water is not really making my skin any less dry..

I feel good.


  1. Wow, what a great day to celebrate for you!!! WTG on completing W6 of C25K!!!! WAHOO!! and so long without Diet coke!! NICE!!!! You go girl!!

  2. I gave up Diet coke back in March and i feel sooo much better! Isn't it liberating?!?! Anyway, congrats on week 6. you are rockin it! ;)

  3. Do you run outside or on a treadmill?

  4. I've been running mostly on an indoor track, but now that the jogs are longer I might start going down to our bike trail since I get a bit bored running in circles :)