Friday, June 10, 2011

How'd I get this fat?

Do you ever wonder how you got so fat? In the moment I never really thought about. I never thought about why I gained almost 60 lbs after I got married, because thinking about those things causes shame, and who wants to feel that? But now that I have lost a bit I can think about it with a little more clarity and peace of my mind. So here are tips to not get so fat:

1) Do not choose to live next to a Chinese Restaurant with cheap lunch specials.
2) Do not choose to live next to a convenience store which sells Hostess Snack Cakes
3) Do not eat Suzy Q's with your lunch every day through high school
4) Do not eat a box of Little Debbies, a whole Bag of Chips, a half gallon of icecream at one sitting repeatedly.
5) Do not buy the 2/$1 Hostess Honey Buns repeatedly and scarf them both down in a minute.
6) Do not spend most of your waking hours in front of the TV or computer.
7) Do not eat Ramen Noodles every day you are not buying Chinese from the restaurant next door.
8) Do not order fries with every cafeteria meal at work/school
9) Do not buy multiple candy bars daily and eat them
10) Do not eat a whole package of rolls and lunch meat at one time.
11) Do not eat a can of frosting just because you can.
12) Do not drink 6+ cans of Diet Coke per day and no other beverages.

Yes, I have done all of these at some point or another, many multiple times. And THAT is how I ended up being 307 lbs at my highest weight in 2006.

Yesterday I fit into my wedding dress.(worn in 2003). My daughter said "Mom, why are you wearing that?" I told her I wanted to see it fit. I told my husband I was happy to be back at the weight where he fell in love with me. :) I don't want to be that fat again. I'm happy now knowing that I am making better choices. I am feeling better, I am looking better. :) If I can give up all 12 things above, anyone can. I have lost almost 57 lbs since my highest weight (35 lbs this last go around). That is pretty amazing to me.

I think I'll keep going...


  1. Those convenience stores, I tell ya. I love(d!) the 3 pack chocolate Zingers!! :) I'd get that and fully-loaded Pepsi and I'd be in heaven. And that wasn't for a meal - that was a snack! haha. I agree. I think I'll keep going. Down from 335 at my highest to 283, it's a great feeling.

  2. Trying on your wedding gown - your daughters must have been so proud to see you look like a pretty bride. I love your list. We all have one.

  3. I have done most of those things too. And some extras. Crazy! In high school i started sneaking food at night & such. Before that i was a normal weight. After that, well. I just kept getting larger. I ate fast food sometimes 3 times a day & i drank 6 or 7 cokes a day. No water. I always got things like icees & i think i got a candy bar everytime i went to the store.

    I know i still have plenty of changes i could's a work in progress... but i haven't done any of those things again! :)

    Yay, us! :) And're doing awesome!