Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brave New World of Pilates Reformer

Inspired by other bloggers who are stepping out of their comfort zone, I decided that today I would try a Pilates Reformer class (with the machines). Our fitness membership gives us 4 free Pilates Reformer per month and unlimited Pilates mat classes.

I've always been intimidated by Pilates, thinking it was for those perfectly skinny people and that I could never stretch and bend the way I am supposed to. This is funny a little because I go every week to BodyFlow yoga and I generally don't feel that way there.

I really enjoyed it and felt work in muscles that I haven't really felt before. It works on "lengthening and strengthening" the muscles. I didn't even mind having my feet in the straps up in the air. (it sounds weirder than it is) I am even starting to feel a little sore in places (the good sore). I think I will definitely go back next Wednesday. The instructor said it is better to do the Reformer classes first because with the straps you have to have perfect form. On the mat you can adjust more easily and could be prone to injuries. It's perfect on Wednesdays because there really isn't a class I really want to take Wednesdays.

Have a great day!


  1. I have a pilates DVD at home (which I have currently misplaced, but that's beside the point) and I absolutely love doing it. The instructor on the DVD is very patient, and just encourages you to feel your body. Pilates seems like such a feel good, be healthy exercise. Good for you! You have inspired me to try to find my DVD. Take care.

  2. Pilates sounds fun! That is one that I would be hesitant about as well. I should try it too! :)