Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweat Gets in Your Eyes...

So today I took to the trails to do my C25K. I was getting a little bored running the track at the fitness center. Of course it was sunny and almost 78 degrees by the time I finished running. Was it better? Yes and no. The time did seem to go by a little bit faster, but the sun made it hot and made my fast more sweaty which got into my eyes which made them burn....and I got really thirsty with 10 minutes to go. But I finished it at any rate. I think I'd like to find trails that are specific mileages. Todays trail was around a park...a big circle but small enough that I still had to run around it a few times. I think it would help if I just had one path with no repeat circles.

Yesterday the family and I went geocaching for the first time ever. What fun!! The mosquitoes were horrible, but it was fun using the GPS compass on our iphone to find a little treasure. I think we are going to do more of this in the future!!

Unfortunately my greasy calzone did not do anything for my bowels. Today's remedy - a pint of blueberries (which though I love, usually don't make my stomach all too happy)and milk - but still nothing. This is frustrating. Oh well.

I'm trying to decide whether to sign up for a 5k next week. I have the one planned for October, but I've been feeling a little less motivated in my C25K and with the race so far away I thought maybe I'd throw one in. Even if I walk half of it, it would at least give me the experience...

Happy Friday - off to get some California rolls for lunch!

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  1. You sound to be doing so well with the running, just keep on going, through any tough times and it will get easier.
    I've struggled a bit too with the diet changing my digestion ...but not really found a solution that works. I ought to google it really...