Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Big 4-0

I'm not quite there in age yet (I'll be 37 in September) but that is how much I've lost this go around. This is exactly how much one of my 6 year old daughters weighs.

I know I said I was putting my scale away, but THAT determination isn't as strong as my eating well and exercising determination.

I was thinking yesterday that I hope people aren't getting sick of my every day positive happy comments. I'm glad for them but I hope they aren't discouraging anyone who is struggling. I don't take that lightly because I have been a struggler my whole life! For whatever reason right now I'm good. It might not stay that way. I take pride in my accomplishments, but I'm not gloating. I know I can as easily find myself on the other side of the good.

So happy Tuesday everyone! My favorite instructor is on vacation today and my mind was already making excuses not to go to class..but I'm biting the bullet...4:00 spin class - I'm coming...


  1. Hey, enjoy your ride while it's a breeze. We all know it won't last forever, so I guess no one will begrudge you for it. ^^

  2. Well I sure hope it does last forever!!! (Probably not)... Thanks for following my blog!

  3. Ok.. so I'm one of the strugglers, but it doesn't bother me at all you being positive.. it actually gives me motivation! :) I DO hope it lasts forever for you! you have done awesome and will continue it.. I'm sure! And congrats on the 5k! My comments weren't working for the past week, so I never got to congratulate you before today. :)

  4. Oh no...be positive because we read a range of blogs and people are up/down somewhere in between and its great to have that mix.
    Also , your blog has to be real and if you're feeling positive, express it. I find myself putting the good news on my blog as much for me as anyone reading it. I'm fighting this diet battle as positively as I can and it IS hard, but seeing the good things definitely makes it feel like you're getting somewhere. Well done on LOSING A 6 YEAR OLD...fantastic!

  5. Congratulations and enjoy where you're at on your journey right now. I enjoy the positiveness :-)