Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Control, Out of Control...

Anger makes me lose control of my eating. Today I was angry at our deck contractors because they keep giving me the run around and the scheduling manager is just a jacka$$. After I got off the phone I felt it - the urge to binge, to lose control of my eating because I clearly was not in control of my emotions. I called my hubby - he was busy at work...I called my best friend - she had company over - I called my other friend - he didn't answer...I needed to vent but I had no outlet, so I ate.....strawberries!! About 10 of them in all, in rapid succession.

While I do need to commend myself for not going in the pantry and eating the chips, the brownies, the cookies and all the snack foods for hubby and kids, I really didn't like that feeling. I haven't had it in a while....the "I'll binge or die trying" feeling. I survived though.

And after a threat to fire the deck contractors don't you know they were able to schedule me first thing tomorrow morning! Isn't it wonderful how their schedule just worked itself out. GRR! This was part of my conversation to the scheduling manager who was giving me a hard time about being pushy (since I have been waiting a month and have repeatedly been told that we were scheduled)
"I would like to know why you are treating me like you are doing me a big favor by staining my deck? You are not doing it for free. I am paying you over $1000 to do this, and I hired you over a month ago. I can reasonably expect that you will not keep pushing me off for other customers.

Got to love being a grownup sometimes!


  1. I can't stand it when someone you are PAYING to do a job treats you like they're doing you a favor. Makes me lose my cool FAST.

    So proud of you for eating strawberries!!

  2. Congratulations on not binging! You did awesome by choosing to eat strawberries instead. So proud of you :-)

    Yeah, pretty funny how once you threaten firing someone they suddenly are free to take care of what they should have already done in the first place! Grrr!