Sunday, June 26, 2011

My FIRST 5k!! Complete.

I did not run the whole thing, I alternated jogging and walking, but I've learned a few things:

1) Do not start off running to Livin La Vida Loca. It's much to fast and I was out of breath too quickly!

2) Do not drink the orange gatorade. I put it in my mouth and the sweetness was so gross I had to spit it out.

3) Sun is hot ..hope for a cloudy day!

They haven't posted official times, but I know it was under 43 minutes and I was NOT the last to finish!

I still have 2 weeks left in my C25K training, but I think I did need the motivation. I'm very proud of myself. And now I have a number to improve from. I'm quite pleased.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Way to go, girl!!! Love the pic! :)

  2. You have done brilliantly...I'm delighted for you.
    You look so pleased and happy...I would love to run a 5k one day

  3. SO PROUD OF YOU! Congratulations! You look great.

  4. That is such a GREAT picture!! CONGRATS! I am so impressed!

  5. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My first 5K time was 43:44, so you beat that. Great job!!!!!!

    I haven't caught up completely, but I had to read this post and shoot over some praise. It's hard work and you deserve a big pat on the back. You'll only get faster now. :)