Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blood is Thicker than Water

I got the results of resent blood work back and it is good news!!

Cholesterol: 136 (should be under 200)
Tryglycerides: 96 (should be under 150)
HDL (good chol 39 (should be greater than 40)
LDL (bad chol)78 (should be less than 130)
Glucose 91 (should be between 75-99)

In 2009 - last time I had blood work done

Cholesterol 158 (22 points HIGHER than this week)
Tryglycerides 138 (42 points HIGHER than this week)
HDL (good chol) 41 (2 points higher, which is actually better)
LDL (bad chol) 89 (11 points HIGHER than this week)
Glucose 82 (so I am 9 points lower here...which might concern me a little)

So now I have to research how to raise my good cholesterol and maybe figure out why at almost 50 lbs lighter and free from all little debbie snack cakes, my glucose is higher (although it is still within normal limits being under 100)

Great news. Completely pleased.


  1. Good job!! I need to post mine again. Don't know what happened to them. That page must have disappeared when Blogger was having so much trouble.

    Are you eating more rice, pasta or potatoes? That always makes my A1C go higher.

  2. That looks great!
    I've never known any of those figures for has ever measured them, I don't even know my weight.
    Its amazing to know, and be able to track those figures

  3. One thing that is supposed to help raise HDL is exercise. Kudos on improving those numbers:)