Monday, June 20, 2011

There CAN be too much of a good thing.

There's a very nice woman at the fitness center that I run into very often. She is ALWAYS there taking all types of classes. The problem is this woman is skin and bones and when I say bones I mean, you can pretty much see her bones trying to protrude out of her skin. I don't think she has any fat at all on her body and this makes her look, in my opinion, very sickly. I think she works out 3 plus hours a day. I want to be thin, but she is a huge reminder that there is TOO thin.

Today I did BodyFlow this morning. The instructor asked me my name the other day, which I loved because it just makes me feel like a bigger part of the whole fitness world. She's amazing. She is 50 and has an awesomely fit body. And she's a hoot!

Feeling groovy on this cloudy Monday! Hope you are too!


  1. I agree that you can be to thin. I was always skinny, bony legs & arms, until I had kids. I don't want to get that thin again, I just want to be at a healthy weight!

    Glad you like your BodyFlow instructor. I had no idea what BodyFlow is so I looked it up. Looks interesting. The best of all worlds!

    Have a great week!!

  2. Hi Jodie

    I too saw a woman this week, but on her blog - I won't say who out of respect, but there is definitely too thin, and when someone who is too thin is out there trying to diet, its worrying. I'm not saying its any worse than me, but agree...there is a place to stop, and a place when you have gone too far.