Sunday, June 12, 2011

Um, this isn't supposed to fit yet.....

So today is a big day at our house. It is Ballet day! One of my daughters attends a ballet studio that does shows, not recitals. She is a baby swan in a production of Swan Lake. It's very exciting. Of course I want to look nice today so I was perusing my closet. I have a lot of lovely tops, but not so many skirts that match them! On a whim, I pulled out some skirts I bought at Walmart a while ago that didn't fit me, but they were only $1 on clearance. I figured I would at least try them. I put them away at the beginning of the spring because I couldn't even come close to buttoning them. Well this morning, what do you know? They buttoned!! They are a freaking size 18!!!!. Now, These must be a big 18, because often a 22 can be tight depending on the maker. BUT STILL!! An 18!!! Rootin Toot Woo Hoot!!

What an awesome feeling!!


  1. Awesome!! That is such a great feeling when you think something might not fit and then it does! Give yourself credit, you're doing great!

  2. Congratulations on the Size 18. I know how that feels when you can get into something that used to be too small. It's great!!