Sunday, June 19, 2011

Feeling Feminine

I've noticed lately that with this round of weight loss I've begun to feel more feminine. My wardrobe most days was a tshirt with whatever bottoms - jeans or sweatpants. Now I don't usually go out of the house in a tshirt. I've been putting on makeup more. Accessorizing.

I've also started wearing pretty nighties to bed. One reason is that I get super duper hot at night, even when it's only 70 degrees in our room. The other is that I just feel more like a lady then in cotton stretchy pants and tops. I had a robe that I got for our wedding that's beautifully sheer with satiny trim. I put it on last night and just felt like the most beautiful woman. I don't think I've worn it in seven years.

An annoying plus. I bought a pair of shorts at Walmart for $1 a few months back. Size 24. They are Way too big!! I'm wearing them anyway because I'm putzing around the house today. Then they might just go into the thrift store pile because I wouldn't be comfortable wearing these out as cute as they are.

Happy Sunday and Father's Day. I have a great husband who is also a Fantastic Dad. And an even greater Father God. Have a great one.


  1. great to notice the changes and these are such rewarding changes. It feels so good to know you look nice and want to look even nicer. I've enjoyed seeing my self-esteem grow too with the little efforts.
    I get how letting go of nice clothes feels, but the alternative to not fitting into the size 24 nice shorts is fitting into them again and thats not going to happen. Some lady in the thrift store might find them and enjoy them on her way down.
    Sounds like you're having a great week!

  2. I wear pretty nighties too. Wearing one now lol. They're just so comfy & i feel sexier than i do in pj pants. :) Although if it's cold i do wear the pj pants but that is rare here!

    Glad you are feeling good & feminine!

  3. I love when clothes feel baggy!! :) It's such a good feeling!