Sunday, October 23, 2011

Do I look Fat?

How hilarious is it that this is the question I most often ask my husband these days.  Every outfit I put on I have to ask if it makes me look fat or thin.  I never asked this when I weighed 290 lbs.    And of course, as 214, I am still fat...but I just am so much more conscious of how I look that I guess I care if I am wearing something that is flattering!

This is a funny story.  We decided to go back to the church we used to go to, where there were some really unkind people.  After 10 months of looking, we haven't found nearly anything close to as good overall and I decided that I was going to stop letting 5 people who aren't always kind dictate  my choices.  Anyway, when I walked in to church, one of my quasi friends pulls me over and says "I don't mean to be rude, but that coat is NOT flattering on you at all!"  I hadn't seen her in months and months and this was her way of saying that I'd done such good and hard work, I should't be wearing something that doesn't show it!!  So now I start to think about my clothes more.  The other day I was wearing sweatpants and a tshirt because I had no clean laundry and I looked in the mirror and said "This is what I used to look like every day, now it's what I look like only when I don't have clean laundry!"  :)  Happiness.

Today I bought the 30 day shred dvd to have at home.  Since I've been on a basic plateau for the past two months almost, I needed a little something extra.  My 6 year old decided to do it with me!  How adorable!!

Have a Happy Sunday!


  1. What a great role model you are for your 6 year old. Have a great week!

  2. I have found that I don't like to wear stuff that is too baggy on me as my weight goes down (well, went down since I've maintained a while now)...I also found it funny since it's not like I'm at goal or anything.

    30 day shred is great to have at home!! Enjoy. :)

  3. Sigh. Why do people have to be like that? It is beyond me. Good on you for going back!

  4. I am much more conscience of what I wear now :)