Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's the busy ness that does me in....

I learned something about myself yesterday.  Keeping busy does not help my weight loss efforts.  In fact in some ways it makes me sabotage myself.  It wasn't so much having things to do, but rather running around to different things.

Yesterday, I had to get the kids on the bus, be to bible study by 8:45, rush home to eat lunch and then get to the Opera House to usher an afternoon show.  It was the rushing, the wolfing down food, that got me all anxious, so in the afternoon, when I was able to settle down, all I wanted to do was eat.  It wasn't terrible - a bunch of animal crackers and 3 Bosco sticks (mozarrella stuffed bread sticks (not fried))  but it was more than I should have had.    Something about the rushing mentality makes me want to stuff my face.

Some people thrive on busy ness.  That's not me.  I like to be chill.  My husband does too.  We'd rather just hang around our house on the weekends, then run all over creation with our kids.  We do outings with them once or twice a month, just not usually both days of the weekend.  (not to mention we can never figure out how people can afford to do all the stuff they do with their hubby makes good money, but we'd probably not have any if we did all the stuff other people do)

It's always amazing to me when I learn something new in this journey.  I've been going strong since the end of March but I'm not done growing and I'm not done losing.  It was just a reminder that I am NOT immune to these feelings at any time.  They were such a part of me for so long.  I just need to keep learning and be diligent.  I am not going to book myself back to back again like that if I can help it. 


  1. I am the opposite of you...when I slow down I want to eat! Last week I was off work Friday-Monday. I loved having the time off, but all I wanted to do was cook and eat ;)

  2. I have to be busy. As for affording to go on outings with the kids, I look for places that offer free things to do and that are far enough from home that I felt like we actually did nothing.

  3. I think I'm sort of like you.. rushing makes me make bad choices and use my lack of time as an excuse. Like "I have no other option".. which is rubbish of course!

  4. It's ironic reading this post because my last post was just stating the exact opposite affects of being busy for me. Though I still agree that I don't always need to be busy - staying home once in awhile and recharging my mental battery is definitely needed.