Monday, October 10, 2011

Why are Successes Followed by Failures

What is it about a great success that makes us trip up?  Why doesn't it just keep spurring us on into greater victory?  I've had kind of a slumpy 4 days here.  Eating has been horribly off.  I have been exercising but it's just been kind of a blah weekend.

Yesterday we went down to see 4 of our friends run the Chicago Marathon!  It was amazing!  I don't think I'd ever have that type of perseverance, but it is something else.  I do have a 5k to run this Sunday, so I've got to crank up my running this week to prepare since I haven't been running much lately.

The blood work came back FINE!  My TSH levels are now in the normal range?  Lab error? who knows.  I can now just rest assured that my hard work is the reason I lost the weight!!


  1. If success came easy and permanently, it wouldn't be success, but just normal everyday life. ^^

    Good thing your thyroid hormones appear to be normal. Sometimes our bodies area just off blaance for a day or two, and if any tests are done right then... always good to double-check.

    And good luck with your 5K! I am sure you will be doing fine!

  2. Hi Jodie!
    I found your blog on Dawn's blog roll, and wanted to stop by. It's funny because I wondered about the same thing in my blog today.. Like, howcome I can start off so brilliantly, and then just fall flat on my face every.single.time. It's hard! Congratulations on 75 pounds though, that is simply AMAZING!!

    All my best!

  3. We all knew your hard work had resulted in your loss! But glad you got confirmation! Have fun at your 5k!

  4. My opinion is I get overly confident when I have a success and then fall flat and realize I'm not quiet "there" yet. :P Staying humble and keeping steady is good, but I have yet to figure that out consistently in my own life.

    Good luck on the 5K. What fun!