Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Size 4 people shouldn't go to Weight Watchers...

unless they used WW to lose weight and just happened to end up at a size 4 and keep going for the accountability. Seriously, I overheard one of the fitness instructors in the BodyPump class tell one of the people there that she went to WW because she wanted to lose 12 lbs. So she was a size 6 and unhappy!? Geez Louise. These are people I want to slap silly sometimes. I know, I know...she has a right to want to be a size 4. But to me, the woman who longs for the day when I can wear a size 20, this justs seems crazy.

All's good here. Did Bible Study today. We are studying the gospel of John. It's really good stuff. We had a question that made me think...When Andrew and the other disciple followed Jesus, he turned around and asked them "What do you Want?" Simple enough question, but quite profound. I started to think What do I Want from/with Jesus? What do I want from myself? I'm thankful that I have hope for a life after this one where my body will be perfect and without blemish. I won't ever achieve it on earth, but I want to take better care of the body God has given me. Life is a precious gift. I need to take better care.

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