Friday, October 2, 2009

Food News #1

When I started my first blog on my personal weightloss, which has long been deleted, (and I'm sad about), I had wanted to blog some about articles I've read regarding weight loss. I'm an information junkie and I like passing it along as much as I like gathering it. So in addition to blogging about my personal journey, I will also be blogging on what I've been reading and what I think about it.

From Woman's World this week: 15 Slimming Superfoods

Eggs (obliterate hunger) - I'd agree with this - I have been eating eggs for breakast a lot!
Sesame (resists flab) because of the amino acid arginine
Low-fat Dairy (doubles weight loss results). I am trying this right now. I've heard it a lot over theyears, so there must be something to it. I just really don't like milk, or yogurt, or cheese.
Grapefruit Acids (melt more fat) - I'll let someone else try this. Blech
Nuts (gives you weight loss advantage) - I'd have to be careful here...I'd over indulge
Kiwi (anti-fat vitamins) Vitamin C is a key ingredient in fat burning. MMM...I like Kiwi
Soup (it tricks your appetite) I'll agree, but the sodium keeps the water in.
Beans (boost your burn) - No thanks...NEXT!
Oatmeal (blocks fat) - makes you feel fuller and sticks to fat cells. Not an oatmeal fan either.
Fish (Omega 3's are thermogenic & help burn fat). Trying to increace this...was easier when I
lived on the East Coast.
Dark Chocolate (YES!) Kills fat craving. Again...great in theory, the practice would do me in!
Whole Grains (whole grains shrink our middles) Very common knowledge.
Grapes (Beat the bulge in the belly) I love grapes, but supposedly that have a high glycemic load
Apples (a pre-meal apple makes us eat 200 less calories per meal.

So there you have it. Many of these I knew, a few were surprises. I'm putting Kiwi on my list for next week for sure!!

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  1. Thanks for posting this list! I'm with you on nuts and dark chocolate - no way I can handle them now. I only need to look at my last couple of binges to see where "a small handful of nuts" will take me! Unfortunately I'm one of the few people in the world who doesn't like raw apples much. Cooked I love (pie! =). You sound good. I'm going to your previous post now! I'm way behind on my reading!!