Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Amazing Miracle Weight Loss

See below for today's weight. Isn't this an amazing loss!!!

Seriously, this is what my scale says - 122.8. I guess I don't need to eat healthy anymore. From 268 -122 in one day. 140 lbs lost overnight!! What is my secret, you say? Hmm...should I share...well, okay...It's one BROKEN SCALE!! Great number though.

Here's some beautiful pictures. The first is the view out of the front of our house. The second is the view out of the back of our house :) I LOVE Fall!

So, I'm not in a healthy frame of mind today. I'm not sure if wolfing down breakfast and lunch set it off. We got in late last night and therefore woke up late this morning. We had Bible Study at 9:00 and the kids got up late, so it was cereal in a baggie in the car for them and a bagel for me while I drove.

Then we got home and I made lunch with the kids. I don't always sit with them while I eat, because I prefer to eat alone at the computer usually. But they wanted me to sit with them and eat, and I did, but ate really fast. SO this afternoon, while not a binge physically, my mind was looking for something to eat. I did eat a handful of peanuts, an 1 Chocolate Cookie and 1 Candy Corn Pumpkin, but not more. I ended up instead getting a bowl of GrapeNuts and Milk. Not what I was looking for, but I knew at least it would satiate me. What did I want? Diet Coke and a Hershey's Chocolate with Almond Bar. I know this feeling very well. This feeling has led me to go to the grocery store at 2AM to feed it. I did not do this today but I feel on edge. I'm thankful that we don't live that close to a store. (although I've contemplated driving 10 minutes). I know what Diet Coke does to me (see Food Moods from a few weeks ago) and I don't want to be like that. SO I'm trying hard, and eating dinner at the computer instead of with the family. So I can eat slowly. (Normally I do fine at the dinner table...when i'm stressed, not so much.)

I'm also wondering if seeing that false number on the scale set me up. Because it's a hard road to attain it. It was a reminder of what I should be now, not what I am. SO I feel mentally fatter. I'm not the girl who can fit into smaller shirts today. I'm the girl who can't fit into most normal clothes.

Tomorrow should be a better day!


  1. Amen Jodie. I haven't had a very good day today.

  2. Wow, what a shock that scale must have been! I'm sorry you aren't feeling the greatest. I hope things go better for you tomorrow. Hugs!

  3. Can I borrow your scales?! ;o) Mine still read over 300... :o( lol (Just kidding - I think I'd be in an ITU if I weighed 122!)

    Lovely photos - you have the most spectacular gardens! Spring and autumn are my favourite times of year.

    Well done for not going to the store at 2am... It's so hard to get rid of those intrusive thoughts, isn't it? What's helping for me is focusing on blogging and exercise (as trite as that sounds!) I'm SO glad I don't live in the US because I'd be stuffing down those massive bags of almond M&Ms like there was no tomorrow! We don't have those over here, thank goodness!

    Hope today is better.

    Patsy x

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I love fall too. I bet th scale weirdness did set you up in some way. Very insightful. I can get twisted from something not fitting the way I expect it to. Tomorrow will be better.