Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I changed my column on the sly yesterday, but now it's time to fess up. I had a regain of 2 lbs. Now it could be retention because I've been eating all kinds of crazy things...peanuts upon peanuts, fajitas, hotdogs...highly loaded salty things. But I also might have eaten 6000 calories in the past few weeks too to gain 2 lbs of fat. At first I thought I would just erase the achieved from the column, but I think I needed to see the REGAIN. I need a reminder that I lost it. If there was nothing there, I could trick my mind into thinking I never really lost it in the first place. My mind must not go to that place. It needs to be in the place of thinking "I messed up here...I was at 268, so it can be achieved again."

Thank you Leslie for another award. You are so encouraging to me. I have yet to figure out how to put the picture up and all that..but I appreciate it!

Tonight starts my first night of the 8 week program at the fitness center. I was excited until I ran into someone at the fitness center who did it and really had negative things to say about the behavior therapist. I will wait and form my own judgements on her though.

Had the gyne visit today (with the twins in tow). I was encouraged by what the doctor said. She told me not to worry so much about a number to be to get pregnant. It was a relief when she said that she hasn't seen a terrible amount of complications in overweight pregnant woman but acknowledged that miscarriage could be more common, so she is starting me on folic acid now. It gives me hope. Hope beyond hope. I have had TOM 3 months in a row since I've been exercising and eating well.

I'm still feeling very good. It is STILL not sunny though. *sigh*


  1. Hi, read your comment and popped over to see your blog. I know what you mean about getting pregnant and being overweight. I miscarried in 2005 at 239 lbs, the doctor said It would be easier if I were lighter. You are on your way to being much healthier, you'll get there in no time. Keep up the good work.

  2. If it's any consolation, I discovered I was pregnant last June (after being told by a gynae 10 years earlier I'd never have kids!) and I weighed nearly 280lbs at the time... I gained a further 70-odd lbs during the pregnancy (hence the recent start of my journey!) and I experienced no problems whatsoever, apart from TERRIBLE heartburn! (That's one of the reasons I gained so much weight - I could only tolerate creamy dairy products and cheese!)

    I think the woman doing the ultrasounds scans was very disappointed that I DIDN'T develop gestational diabetes because "All women your size have it"!

    None of the midwives I saw - or the consultant - were overly concerned about my weight, they were more concerned that it was my first pregnancy and I was nearly 40!

    Tabitha is doing great and she is the healthiest, best-developed baby anyone has seen! She's 7 months old and already saying "Mama", "Dada" and "Teddy"!

    Take care

    Patsy x

  3. Patsy your baby is one of the cutest I've ever seen. Thanks for the encouragement!!