Saturday, October 10, 2009


Nothing monumental or fun to report on today. I'm sick. Well, not lay down and die sick, but sore throat. It started last night, but I still went to work out with hubby. We are going for a hike in a few minutes here.

So, I'll eat my chicken noodle soup (thank God soup does not have a lot of calories) drink my tea and get well.

They are calling for SNOW here tomorrow - isn't that CRAZY!


  1. Snow!?! Yikes!

    Yummy soup! That's one thing I actually miss a lot being on a low sodium diet. :(

    Feel better!

  2. Feel better!! I cant imagine snow this time of year!

  3. Hi! We have snow here, too!

    I wanted to pass on an award for your blog, which is great. You can pick it up on my blog. Have a great day!