Monday, August 24, 2009

2x - Not just the size today...

I've been a size 2x since about the 10th grade. I weigh about 40 lbs more than I did then, but I STILL wear a 2x. But today's post is not about size, but about the fact that I worked out twice today!!

I took a Total Body Conditioning (TBC) this afternoon. I did not like it as much as the first class I did. The instructor had us going up to the track a couple of times and doing a lot of work with that ball. I did not fall off, but the ball did manage to get away from me while I was lifting and squeezing it with my feet. Her class wasn't synchronized to music either so it wasn't as much fun as the last one.

Then this evening, my dear and darling hubby wanted to work out during Family Fitness time (where he can go to the center for free) and we went together. I did a little bit of the seated elliptical and some band exercises for strength, but mostly I walked the track. I met another obese woman named Debbie (I'm writing about it so if I see her again I will remember) who was working with a personal trainer. She was larger than I am and seemed liked she needed some friendly encouragement from another fat person exercising. I was very glad to give it. I'm good at encouraging. Then I asked K if he wanted to walk the track with me to finish, so we did about a mile together, side by side. It was like being on a date :). I have so much love for him at this moment.

Tomorrow is a day off from the center to rest my body and because there is not really a class I want to take or I think is a good idea to take after working out today. I'm sure I'll sleep wonderfully tonight!!

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