Friday, August 21, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby Right Round...

In honor of my friend Susan's birthday I took a Spin Class today. It was called Power Cycle.
Susan loves to Spin and told me I should try it, so I did! I did not, however, cycle for the full 60 minutes. I did sweat quite a lot and did even stand up and cycle for about 15 seconds at a time every few minutes. The biggest problem...the seat made my butt sore!! After 30 minutes all I could think about was how much my butt hurt from the seat. I decided then to go to the fitness floor and I did a little more on a seated elliptical and then rowed 1000m. I still worked out about an hour, but just not in one class.

I'm not sure if I liked enough to do it again.

I'm a lot cranky today and want to EAT EAT EAT! I have however maintained a good level of food. I woke up cranky. I'm wondering if its from the lack of diet coke or not. My kids are quite whiny today and that just makes my brain say "EAT CHOCOLATE, GO TO STORE AND BUY IT, THEN EAT IT!" I resisted the urge, but it was hard.

We went to the library and I picked up a couple of DVD's on Yoga and Tai Chi so I can figure out some of the moves better before the next BodyFlow Class. I was thinking tomorrow I might do BodyStep...I haven't tried it yet.

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