Thursday, August 13, 2009

Strong Mountain, Downward Dog

Today started BAD. That's a CAPITAL B-A-D. My husband was up taking a shower and getting ready for work and I thought, "Should I go back to sleep, or get up and be a good wife?" Now, to be honest, 99% of the time, I go back to sleep. But today I decided, I will get up and see him off. He had locked the door to the bathroom, so I knocked. He jumped out of the shower, unlocked it and hopped back in, leaving a wet trail on the floor that I did not see nor anticipate. (It was 5:00AM - I was so not awake.) The second I stepped on the floor my feet came out from under me. I really felt like life was going in slow motion. It felt like it took 1 minute to fall down, instead of about 1 second. On the way down my arm caught on our bathroom counter and now I have a huge bruise from my armpit, halfway up my arm towards my elbow. It hurt like heck, along with my tush which hit the floor hard. I suppose it would have hurt less if I didn't weigh so much. However, I literally crawled to my bedroom, sobbing. I was hurt but I think I was more upset that I had tried doing something good for my marriage, for my husband and it completely backfired. (Much like last year's snow shoveling incident, when I slipped and my butt was sore for 3 months.) I was upset that I had purchased great new workout clothes last night and I was excited to wear I had a huge bruise to go along with it. I was sad that my day of yoga and massage might have to be terminated. I called my husband an idiot. I'm sorry for that, but I generally do have the foresight to wipe up any water from the floor when I jump out, or at least stay on the rug. My K is sweet though. He stayed to make sure I was okay.

I sucked it all up, mostly because I wanted to wear my new workout clothes. Walmart - Danskins - $19 for the short pants and the top. I bought 2 sets. The 18/20 was stretchy enough to fit me! I was soo happy because JMS always makes me look frumpy. I went to BODYFLOW today. (another Les Mills class.) Can I say how much I HATE this name. All I can think about is TOM when I say it. I really liked the class though. It's a mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates set to music. I couldn't do all the stretches and poses (too much body fat for some) but I really found it enjoyable. AND I sweated more than I have in any other class, go figure. It was team taught with some very nice instructors. Sometimes I felt they were looking at me and I felt judged for being overweight, but really I think I imagine this sometimes. I try to remember that if anyone judges me for trying to take care of my body, then that is REALLY STUPID.
I need to learn all these poses though...Downward Dog, Strong Mountain, Warrior II, Child Pose, and some others I already forget. I really want to take a friend along with me. I think she'd enjoy it.

After the class I showered and went to get a 30 minute massage. AHHHHH! I love massage. Finally, I went and got a cut and color...I'm a little bit more redhead now (My Irish eyes are smilin') So not a bad day. I even thought I little about food choices. I got a grilled sandwich at McDonald's and wiped off most of the mayonnaise!

Tomorrow we are off to see our youngest niece get baptized in Missouri. 8 hour drive....I think I'm going to miss being at the gym for 5 days.

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