Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby, Stress & PCOS...

We just returned from a 5 day trip to Kansas City, MO to attend our newest niece's baptism. We have two new nieces born within a month of each other, but we missed the first baptism, partly because my sister in law told us about a week before it was to happen, and secondly because we really wanted to attend Baby K's since she is the first baby in that family. Baby K is beautiful and was so content in my arms, for the first time in months I have felt like I wanted to birth a baby. I nearly cried when we left her. She was just perfect (except for the poop she blew out onto my nice brown shirt).

Visiting the in-laws is stressful, which means I ate quite a lot of food...mostly chocolate cake with icing. I don't get along very well with my mother-in-law at all, so it just compounded stress. My husband was wonderful through the whole of the weekend though and allowed me my rants and loved me despite them. Why don't we get along? Well it may partly have to do with the fact that Baby K is only 8 weeks old and I overheard her talking to my FIL about when they were going to have another and wouldn't it be great if it was a boy? This is the same woman who after K and I told her that we were going to adopt because we hadn't gotten pregnant, pulled out every book on vitamin nutrition convinced this was why and then bought me a figurine holding a newborn, hoping it would bring me luck? Yikes. So I eat.

I don't get pregnant because I don't ovulate normally. The doctor said I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. As much as I know, basically I overproduce insulin which makes my ovaries not function correctly. I'm sure there is much more to it. It's common in overweight people. I have chin hair growth because of it. The doctors told me a year ago that I needed to have a low carb diet and that might help. But I was so depressed that yet ANOTHER thing in my life was so difficult that I stopped taking care of myself at all. I do get TOM, but not regularly. I never have.

However, my darling K and I really want a baby. So I am willing to try to eat less carbs. To lose weight so I can ovulate normally.

I did miss the fitness center quite a bit. I didn't go today because I was working on things for a church meeting I was leading. Tomorrow I think I'll go back to BodyFlow, although my arms KILLED me for three days after the last class!

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