Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sex and the Fitness Center

Notice I said Sex AND the Fitness Center, NOT "IN" the fitness center!! ;)

It must be said that working out has made me more amorous, or at least more willing to be amorous, than I have been probably since I first got married. I don't know if its the endorphins, or the fact that my body is getting more flexible and easier to move thanks to the classes but K is certainly glad for it! I know, this is a little more information that most people need, but I believe that it is important to acknowledge the changes in our lives as we work to improve ourselves! And this has been a very noted change. Prior to exercising, I rarely wanted to be intimate. My husband probably holds a record of hearing, "not tonight, honey." And honestly, most of our biggest fights have been my lack of desire for it. But at least for now, for the last few weeks, I've been more open and felt better and happier. Because nothing else has changed, I must contribute it to the exercise and feeling better about myself.

My K has been great. We worked out again last night...(another 2x day). I did 35 minutes on the bike, walked 1/2 a mile and did some arm work with the bands. I just enjoy him being at the fitness center with me. He's been a great encouragement regarding the annoyance of the scale not moving as fast as it did with WW. I used to lose 4-6 lbs per week on WW. (Of course I wasn't exercising then and gaining muscle AND I gained it all back) I'm a numbers girl, so it IS hard not to see that scale move much, but K has kept my spirits up.

Another rainy day. I'm probably going to miss my favorite class, Body Flow because I have to bring my daughter to test for the state preschool. There's another class tonight, but I'm not sure if K will be home in time to do it.

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  1. You know what, Jodie? It's really not TMI and it's heartening to hear. Alot of overweight men and women can relate to what you are saying about the lack of desire and how being overweight affects one's sexuality overall. People rarely talk about it, but it's real and it sucks. It must be a great joy to feel more alive in that department again. Good for you! I hope I get there soon, too!