Thursday, August 20, 2009

The beginning is always the worst...

The first few weeks of weight loss when you are working out and gaining muscle are always terrible. I know this, I've been through it, but when the scale says the same it has for the last 2 weeks, I get frustrated. Now part of it is that I haven't been making good food choices, but I've pretty much maintained food consumption while adding exercise, so I should be losing. What I do know is that I am gaining muscle. Arm muscles especially. (I was sore 3 days after last weeks BodyFlow). But muscle weighs more than fat. It kind of sucks!

I've started today to make good choices. I'm limiting Diet Coke. I ate very healthily both at breakfast and lunch. I cut up carrots, celery & cukes to make them easily accessible. It's not entirely carb free - because I really, REALLY don't think I could maintain that long term. I'm going to do these things and see what happens. IF I continue to fail to ovulate than I'll try something else. It wouldn't be so bad if I liked cheese and yogurt and beans and other kinds of foods. But I don't...and a life of only vegetables and meat just sounds monotonous. I'm not counting calories. I have to feel normal and not obsessive.

I really want to try Body Step...I'm nearly afraid of passing out though - 60 minutes (yikes) Tomorrow I'm going to try the Power Cycle I think...

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