Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Goals and such.

My initial goals are the same as my goals the first go around.  The first is to be smaller than a baby elephant.  Then it will be tricky to figure out the next goal since before it was to weigh the lowest weight I had recorded in WW years ago, then lower than I had in high school.   I suppose I could keep those goals and then put the next goal as the lowest weight I was the last time...

So I think my goals should be:

Goal#1 - to be 250 lbs
Goal #2 - to be 229 lbs (lowest WW weight achieved in 2000)
Goal #3 - to be 213 lbs (lowest weight recorded in high school)
Goal #4 - to be 199 lbs (under 200)
Goal #5 - to be 190.5 lbs (lowest weight I achieved last round of losing)
Goal #6 - to be 180 lbs (Where I go from obese to overweight)

That's all the goals I'm going to do for now since it won't benefit me to do a goal until I get to 175.  I don't know what my body will look like and what I will need to lose.

I'm trying to figure out getting back to the fitness center.  Part of me wants to wait to join until I reach my Goal #1 since I will be a little bit more fit and easy to move.  But the other part of me misses the workouts and the camaraderie.  I was this weight and more when I first joined.  It's tough with 3 kids, a husband and a full time job to figure out where to fit it in.  Of course I could be there rather than typing this blog, but once I get home, I hate going out again!!   I do have tools here to work out.  I should use them!

But it's July 1st.  Best time of the month for making Goals.  Maybe 2x a week at home to start...we shall see.  I'll work on this.

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