Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Can't the scale just move already??

I'm 8 weeks in tomorrow and this last couple of weeks have been a hellish "When is it going to go down" time.

Well, for 8 weeks I have not had any Diet Coke.  It has really helped my cravings tremendously (although I still could eat 10 bananas and not blink)!

In truth, I've been fluctuating all over the place since July 4th (right when I joined the fitness center and started working out).

Since then I have lost a whopping .7 lbs.    So .7 lbs in 17 days - that's crazy!!! 

I have lost 21.2 lbs in 8 weeks though which is 2.65 lbs per week - which is very respectable.  I just don't like it fluctuating...I like to see it go down and down and down!  Of course, many will say, don't weigh yourself everyday and it won't affect you.  Well I could do that, but I probably would always be bloated on the days I weigh myself!!  LOL.   I love seeing the curved graph of weight loss.  It motivates me. 

When I lost the 100 lbs before - I did it over the course of 14 months which is about 1.666 lbs per week.  So if I keep it all in perspective, I'm doing just fine!

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