Monday, June 29, 2015

Friends and Fighting

I'm proud of myself.  I got into a pretty major disagreement with a friend about the recent SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage.  It was a very short disagreement but a forceful one.  I told my friend I was very happy for the ruling because I didn't think it was right that gay couples didn't get the same privileges that heterosexual couples do.  My cousin is a lesbian and I am very happy that she can now be married and have that marriage recognized in all 50 states.

Also, my job at the adoption company is to help mostly the LGBT community navigate their way through the adoption process.   There is such joy when I talk to my clients about this ruling.  You see, there isn't only discrimination through marriage, but also through adoption.  In many states only one of a couple can adopt and if they are lucky the partner could adopt 6 months later.   Imagine for 6 months or longer NOT having legal rights to your child! 

Anyhow, my friend was rather upset that I thought it was good.  I said that it isn't right to be treated that way when they have no choice.  She yelled back at me "You aren't born gay!"  and the only "proof" she had was that if it was okay, the bible would not speak against it.  It made me mad.  I am a woman of faith, but I can't stand when people stay ignorant because "the bible says".   The bible says that slavery is okay.  The bible says if you have sex during your menstrual period you should be cut off from your people and you are unclean,  The bible says a lot of things that have been written off as cultural times.  But not homosexuality.  Noone bothers to get to know gay people, to read the studies, to understand.  It's just different than what they know.

I'm not opposed to people believing one way.  But you need more proof to back up what you believe.

Anyhow..back to why I was proud.  Even in this stressful time, I did not binge.  I did not want to give in to the stress.  And honestly, if I lost this friend over it, I wouldn't be too sad.  I'm a thinker and I love debate, but bring some education about what you are debating. 

I had a doctors appointment today.  I look forward to getting my labs back.  I don't like giving blood, but I do like finding out the results and comparing them from before.  I hadn't been to the doctor for over 2 years because in my depression I just felt so embarrassed going back and having gained so much weight.   It was fine though. 

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