Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Timeline of Misery

I took Body Flow for the first time in 2 years today.  Thankfully I wasn't sore after yesterdays workout.  It wasn't terrible, but man, are my ankles week.  In Flow there is a balance track and was I ever shaky.  Especially on the ankle that I broke last September!!  Ah yes...another think that added to my defeat in the last years.   Let's do a timeline of my backsliding, shall we?

 February 2012 - Reached 100 lbs lost
April 2012 - Became Pregnant
April 2012 - Father Diagnosed with Liver Cancer
June 2012 - Father very sick in hospital nearly dies from internal bleeding while out visiting for Father's day.  Drank a Diet Coke because I was tired and not sleeping.  Continued to stress eat and gained weight.
November 2012 - Get plantar fasciitis in both feet due to pregnancy hormones and bad shoes towards the end of pregnancy and weight gain
December 2012 - Charlotte Jo is born.  Have a few good weeks of eating.
January 2013 - Doctors determine dad has less than 3 months to live.  Dad visits looking very sickly.  Eating more.
March 2013 -  Dad dies.  Eating a lot
June 2013 - Start physical therapy for my feet - get some relief
August 2013 - Do the Diva Dash in Chicago  (still keeping my toes in the fitness)
September 2013 - April 2014 - dealt with major depression and grief - sporadic working out
July 2014 - Back to physical therapy for my plantar fasciitis again
September 2014 - Turned 40
September 2014 - Fell down the stairs the day after my birthday and broke my ankle in 4 places
September 2014 - Quit my gym membership
October 2014 - started a full time job, had one good month of eating, then lots of stress eating
November 2014 - Best friends breast cancer has returned, metasticized into her organs and bones.
January 2015 - ankle starts to feel a bit better, but still achy and weak
January - May 2015 - Ate and gained weight
May 2015 - decided to stop drinking diet coke and eating well again
June 2015 - badly bruised/broke? my big toe while slipping and jamming my foot in the tub getting a pedicure
July 2015 - Joined the fitness center again!

So that's the timeline of stress and eating and my return back to who I want to be.

I just felt like typing it out!

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