Friday, July 17, 2015

Almost a binge

Grrr...I had a great Friday..until I didn't.   I had a client yelling at me for things that I wasn't even  at the company when it happened.  The girls who used to work at my company (who both got fired) just did a lot of stupid things, and I get the unhappy clients.  So I had to work an extra hour on Friday to deal with it all...picked up Chinese food for the kids, came home to one crabby 2 year old, 2 tye dye shirts from camp that needed rinsed, a basement window that was leaking from all the rain, a dog who pooped and peed on the floor....

My first instinct was to eat all of the chinese food.  I had gotten Honey chicken, which I love. 
But.  I didn't.  I might have teared up a bit.  I think my kids thought I was going to have a seizure because I had my fingers on my temples.   Maybe I ate two or three more bites than I would have if I wasn't stressed, but I DID NOT BINGE.

That doesn't make it a great day.  But it's something...

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