Monday, January 25, 2010

When you Put it Like That...

I've been bemoaning since the beginning how I've lost a lot of weight from my upper body and not much from my lower body. However, I've recently read an article that suggested (I haven't found any "medical" or "scientific" articles about it yet) that we lose weight first from the last place we gained it. This would make absolute sense to me. My face and upper body were the last places I gained weight for certain. I was starting to move up into 3x shirts (thankfully now I'm near to a 1x on a good day). Meanwhile I've been in a size 24 jeans it seems forever. (even when I was almost 300 lbs I could squeeze into a size 24. I'm 40 lbs less and still wear the same pants size. This makes me feel a little bit better and realize that (hopefully - if this is correct), soon I will start to lose from my mid section. I'm posting a picture when I was about 300 lbs and how big my top really was...I hate it, but it's a good reminder. (aren't my babies cute!?)

So I'll spin later today..eating so far so good. Last night I allowed myself a piece of chocolate cake at a reception for one of our missionaries. He's been working in South Africa for the last year. Truth be told, I really didn't enjoy the cake. Not that it wasn't good, but I think that I'm just not used to that much sugar any more. It didn't make me happy. So then I chose to eat carrots and celery. (even when there were other sweets). I'm kind of proud of myself.


  1. I hadn't heard that one - that we lose it from the area where we most recently gained it. I really don't know it that's true or not. I guess you're still ahead no matter what.

    It's funny about the chocolate cake. The sugar jolt kind of hits you if you haven't had it in a while. Don't you find, as time goes on, that you don't miss it?

  2. That makes complete sense to me, as the newer fat hasn't "installed" as completely or for as long. I love your picture - and certainly can see your weight loss in your more recent photos. I've said it before - you have a great face! And your babies are/were indeed adorable!

  3. You look great now! and your kids are so cute!

    Mine were too! I sometimes wish they hadn't grown up.

    Do you say you ate chocolate cake when you only eat a bite or two? I find the sweetness sometimes makes those things so rich now that I dont really feel capabale of eating it all.

  4. I know I lost from my upper body first. Those hips of mine really like to linger!!

  5. I haven't heard that but it would seem to make sense. When I started gaining weight it was in my rear--I could set a cup of coffee on it and it wouldn't spill.

    That's great that you didn't enjoy the cake as much as you would have in years past. You're doing great.

  6. I found some photos of me that were taken shortly after I gave birth last year and I don't know whether I'd have the nerve to post them online!

    But what you say is true... I gained a LOT of weight around my waist and lost it within the first few months of this journey. I've now got a 35" waist (don't ask about the hips!) so I've got a way to go still, but it definitely came of fastest there first! My limbs are the last place I lose the weight, with my thighs always looking fat, no matter how much weight I lose! lol

  7. I'd heard that before too. And it does seem like it would make sense. My body seems to be reacting the same way.

    Congratulations on how far you've come! And yes, your kids are absolutely adorable!