Monday, January 11, 2010

Stocked Up

I am feeling a bit more clear headed today although my knee still hurts a tad. I am trying to decide what is the best course of exercise today.

I realized too that yesterday we were low on food choices since I try to grocery shop on Mondays and I'm trying to be more frugal and use up what we have. I tend to buy a lot and then it sits on the shelves. So we've been eating what's available. Thankfully, for the most part, what was available are things I won't binge on, like Tuna Fish and soup. But I got a snacking urge and had no good food to choose from. All's well today since the first thing this morning we headed out for groceries. I need to be aware when the cupboards need stocking to prevent future incidents of body destruction via food. My favorite snacking items? Fruit (although I am trying to not have more than 2 a day), Fiber One Bars - (The Walmart brand is good too) and sometimes crackers or pretzels. I'm pretty simplistic.

Having an official weigh in day is a little hard for me. I'm still checking at home, but I live in this fear that when Friday rolls around it is going to be more. Completely bogus thinking for sure, but that's my brain.

Have a great day!


  1. I don't do well at all if I don't have what I want to eat in the house. So then...I just started eating anything not nailed down. Stupid...but reality at times.

  2. I just wrote a couple hours ago about having a bunch of great healthy food in the house. Makes it so much easier to stay on course. No binge food, so if I want to binge, I have to go out in cold. Not happening!

  3. Try writing down what you eat. And make a weekly weigh in day for yourself. And if you wanna binge the day before, know that you really don't wanna mess up the weigh in, so you won't.

  4. I do the same thing with buying too much and letting it sit on the shelf. That's one thing I forgot to mention in my "New Year's Resolution." I hate seeing how much food I let go to waste. I have been more mindful of it so that's good. I also need to learn (& I have to remember) to use things I open, like tomato sauce or chicken broth.

    Target has a good fiber bar (own brand). Decent price and good flavor.

  5. oh man, I used to eat fiber one bars...but then a friend turned me on to these organic cascadia farm granola bars with flax seed and all spice.
    They are crunchy,, and I usually don't do crunchy. But these I love.
    My kids like them, my husband even liked them.
    It's 90 calories for one of the bars and there are two per pack.

  6. I'm sorry your knee is sore. I hope it feels better soon. I have certain trigger foods that I just can't control myself with so I make sure they are NOT in my house. It's so much easier to stay on track when your binge items are not around.

    I used to eat Fiber One bars but then I got hooked on the Fiber Plus bars. I really like the dark chocolate with almond better than the milk chocolate. I still like Fiber One bars though, the caramel especially.

    I can't snack on pretzels. I love them, I take out a serving and always end up going back for more. I can't control myself with pretzels, I just eat and eat and eat until they are gone. Maybe someday I'll be able to control myself with them but for now I'm just staying away from pretzels.


  7. Oh I'm totally in the same boat with buying food and just letting it sit. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to use everything we have before grocery shopping.
    You will have a great weigh in tommorrow I feel it!
    BTW I left a little something for you in my latest update you should check it out! :)