Monday, January 18, 2010

Ugh. Argh. Grrr..

Can you guess what type of mood I'm in. I'm hoping it is only PMS and I'll feel better once it starts, but seriously I hate everything and everyone. I have anxiety attacks as my children loudly and joyfully play in the house because it's just too loud and overstimulating. I had a free two hours today as my kids went to a birthday party. I did some errands of which was to a lovely little bakery run by French nuns where I got chocolate croissants. I feel like garbage right now.

If I ate better today and yesterday would I feel better? Probably yes. But I just have issues. Well, we ALL have issues, don't we? Today is my stinky brother's birthday and I have not called. This is hard for me because I ALWAYS do the "expected" thing. But seriously, for my birthday I got a late in the day Happy Birthday message on Facebook from him. We said 3 sentences to each other at Thanksgiving and he still hasn't mailed his nieces Christmas presents because he just forgot about it. Ahh...maybe if I could be just a bit like that and just forget people...

Hubby and I got into some big issues this weekend too...again probably not the best timing if it is PMS. He's stressed about the other house. I guess I'm cavalier about the things that are upsetting to him and he's cavalier about the things that upset me, like relationships. Balance really, but sometimes it's annoying.

Tomorrow is another day, always fresh with no mistakes in it.


  1. Well, I hope things get better for you Jodie.
    I know what conflict with the husband used to do to my clean eating plans...
    think flusssshhhhh....
    I learned how to say what I was feeling straight instead of eating it though.
    The first few fights were doozies, and he said something s back to me that were straight shooting, but true.
    It really helped our relationship.
    I hope things smooth out.

  2. Jodie, sorry you aren't feeling the greatest--hope things are better for you soon. *Hugs* to you!

  3. That smiling face up in the corner does not match this post. :(

    Love you.

  4. Hi Jodie,

    Hang in there. I'm post menopausal and STILL have PMS days! I like your note about tomorrow being and fresh and new with no mistakes. A saying I like even better is "You can start your day over at any moment." We don't have to wait until tomorrow to change our point of view. But we also have to feel our feelings. There's a saying to match every mood and thought, huh?