Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Body Tired

Heh. Since we have Body Pump, Body Flow, Body Jam, etc, at our fitness center...I am Body Tired after taking two classes in a row.

I don't know the last time my body was this, well...tired. You know the feeling when the thought of even lifting a pencil is too much? I'm barely squeaking out this post and probably wouldn't except I can rest my wrists on the laptop and my arms on the table. I ate a little supper (like a handful of pasta) and I don't even have energy to eat. That is Body Tired.

I normally don't do two classes back to back. I felt like pushing myself today and since hubby had bible study after work, I needed a break from the kiddos. AND my favorite Kiersten was teaching two classes in a row. If she can do it... (hah, that's how my brain works) well..she's trained herself to do it.

I'm 5/5 this year with the workouts. I may need a break tomorrow, we'll see how my body feels.


  1. Great job with the workouts.

    Be sure to listen to your body, sometimes we need a rest.

  2. A break can do the body good:)

  3. 5/5 that's great.
    I agree too many days in a row can wear your body down too much.
    Listen to our body, it will tell you when you need a break.

    Keep up the good work

  4. woohoo...great job. I do six on one off.
    do what your body tells you.

  5. You're really kicking it up several notches here Jodie. Fantastic - do listen to your body or you'll be more susceptible to injury. Even if you take a day off from classes, maybe you could do biking or moderate treadmill walking if you still feel you want to do something.

    I remember those days of wanting to stay away for a longer break from our little darlings! When they move out, you want them back - and after a bit are happy to say goodbye again!

  6. Keep it up! I hate doing crunches and I did so many this morning that I felt really sick! I also found it difficult to move from the collapsed heap I was on the floor, in order to do my cooldown stretches!