Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I need a Plan

I don't mean a weight loss plan because I have one of those...but I need a DAILY plan. What I am going to do from 7 AM until 10 PM, because honestly, the hours just roll together these past few days and I accomplish nothing apart from eating, blogging, talking on the phone and keeping up my Farm on Farmville. Hey that's 4 things! And I guess I do feed my children, get them dressed and read to them. So that's 7. And I did go to Bible study today...8. Okay so I get some things done, but not enough. Not nearly enough because I'm kind of bored. And when I'm like this I watch repeats of Grey's Anatomy on my computer and forget about the fitness center. I'm still eating fine and having great food days and I probably wouldn't feel so darn bored and tired if I got off my tush and went to the fitness center. I love my fitness center, but part of the problem is that there are classes almost all day, so I can just wake up and say "Today I'll go to...whatever at whatever time." But not having a succinct plan of what I'm doing on which days is a bit detrimental because I let other things determine my day BEFORE I plan on exercising rather than letting my exercise plan determine my day. So today, it was COLD. Brutally. And I hadn't decided what time I was going to exercise yet. was COLD. So I didn't plan. If I had planned first BEFORE I went outside, and found out about the cold, I might have gone. My brain is whacked...yes!

At Bible Study today they talked about commitment. The speaker said "True commitment is demonstrated by death to self and fruitfulness." While this was meant to be speaking about Jesus' death I really thought about it from a personal perspective. Death to self, meaning giving up what I want (ie chocolate chip cookies) for fruitfullness (weight loss). If I'm honest, I don't always have true commitment. I'm not always willing to give up or "die" to my bad behaviors or self for weight loss. Apparently I haven't been dying to self these last few days, as I've just bummed around the house. So am I committed? Maybe not enough. I want to lose weight. I AM losing weight. But I want to be TRULY committed. I need to be willing to radically alter my normal "lifestyle" so that I can lose the weight. I need to PLAN. True commitment for me, means making a plan.

My Plan for tomorrow: 9:15 Body Pump and 10:30 Body Flow


  1. Just letting you know I've passed on the Happy 101 Award to you. Hope you will participate! I enjoy your blog.

  2. I find that some days I'm totally committed, but then the slightest snag can derail my determination, and that bumming around the house can kick in. With bumming too often comes grazing for me. I'm not sure we can manufacture commitment for ourselves, but we can seize each day while we're feeling enthusiastic, and just do it anyway. There's an AA saying: Bring the body around, the mind will follow. Sometimes I think my mind is my biggest obstacle!

  3. I've had true committment in the past when I lost my 150+. I didn't slip one single day in that time period. Insane when I think about it. I thought I had weight loss in the bag...I would never struggle again. Big FAT wrong!!! Now 60 lbs later....I still don't feel like I'm for sure going to be successful. I want to be, but am I willing to do what it takes?

  4. I suppose commitment is about replacing the short term - food - with the long term - carrying the excess weight around...

    I'm not normally a procrastinator, but there are days when I've felt I ought to do something, only to find other unimportant stuff to do that prevents it happening... Get the workouts out of the way first thing and then you're free to do what you want for the rest of the day, instead of fretting about whether or not you'll get time later on. :o)