Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Exercise is not a Spectator Sport

Yesterday at Boot Camp there were some kids waiting to use the basketball court we use and just watching us as we were working out.  One kid gave me a thumbs up and I nearly went over and decked him.  I'm not sure why it bothered me so much.  Maybe because it reminded me of high school when people made fun of me when I couldn't do certain exercises.  I just don't like to be watched (unless it's an instructor who is helping me to correct my form.

2 lbs to the 100 lb mark...so close!!!

I'm not blogging as much lately.  It mostly has to do with keeping busy with other things, but I'm obviously still doing very well.  I do update my tickers daily even if I don't blog. 

Keep on moving!!


  1. You can't let things like that bother you. He meant well I'm sure but I know exactly how you feel. I had a substitute yoga instructor who asked me if I was new and I was very quick to let her know I've been there a year and a half and yes, I know I don't look like a pro ;) keep us posted on the 100 pound mark!

  2. The kid may have meant well, it's hard to tell, but it is hard to have attention called to yourself. Great job and how exciting is it to be nearing the 100 pound mark... Yay for you!!!

  3. Excited for you being so close to the 100lb mark :)

  4. Jodie - 2 Pounds?! I cannot wait for the update where you say you've reached it! Won't be long now :)

  5. Don't let anyone get on your nerves. Most of us probably don't look like movie stars while exercising, but at least we're doing something to be healthy.