Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Uncontrollable Cravings

Even after almost a year, I still get them - those uncontrollable cravings.  I'm just like you see on TV.  I start breathing heavy, I literally grip something tight to try and avoid the giving in to the insanity, but alas, often it doesn't work.

I'm far enough in this journey that a slight derailment does not completely throw me off the path.  2 Twinkies and a swiss roll will not put on the weight that I've lost this year.   However, I start playing the body game when these crazy cravings happen.  I circle 14 days out on the calendar.  Because I'm pretty convinced that my cravings coincide with hormonal changes at ovulation and then again at menstruation.   We shall see if it still holds true.  But I do know something is going on in my body to have these ridiculous, "I might kill someone if I don't have something sweet and chewy," feelings!

Boot camp is still going well, although, it's a little frustrating to be pitted up against these healthy people who have been doing boot camp for a while.  I often come in last in a lot of the cardio stuff.  It's kind of sad for me.  Usually I feel so empowered.   We played basketball, and that was quite fun.  Best comment of the night though...another girl says to me:  "You've lost 94 lbs?  I think that's a Snookie!  You've lost a Snookie!"


  1. I love it! You lost a Snookie. That is so awesome that you have lost 94lbs! 90lbs a go, could you have done the boot camp? You are a warrior! You come in when you come in, but you are doing it. Good for you.

  2. I just did a three workout Boot Camp - lost my cookies a few times, but felt so good and the best part - didn't feel like I had to keep up, but got complemented on how well I was doing. Made me feel good!!
    The cravings - yes, they will always come and go.


  3. Over time, my hormone-based cravings changed. Where I was originally craving chocolate, I now crave broccoli and meat. ^^

  4. I'm with you on those crazy cravings during certain times of the month. Sometimes I'm able to not give in, and some times I'm just glad to realize that it's only a day or so and won't kill my plan.

    Hey...you are awesome!! The fact that you're doing the Boot Camp at all is great and I'm sure the others around you are glad to see you doing your best.

    Snookie...that word alone makes me smile. :)

  5. Loving the new blog background! Also, this post is perfect for me right now, since I'm currently on day 2 of my cycle and I want to eat, eat, eat. Nothing is filling me up and satisfying my pit of a stomach. blah...

    You've lost a Snooki! haha