Friday, January 6, 2012

Boot Camp Kicks My Butt!

Today was the second day of Boot Camp.   It's MWF and I'm doing it for the month of January.  We do a mixture of strength training and cardio.  Today we used resistance bands and the treadmill.  Here's some things we did:

Walk Backwards on the treadmill, hop on the treadmill, skip on the treadmill. 
Put our hands on the floor with our feet behind us on the treadmill and walk.  Put our feet on the floor and our hands on the treadmill and walk with our hands.  3 minute sprint drills

Then with the resistance bands we had to pull our partner around the track forwards and backwards while they tried to keep us by pulling on the bands. 

I like Boot camp because it works muscles that I don't always work and it's kind of fun doing it with a small group of people.  I like large group classes as well, but it's a nice change.

It's a butt kicker for sure though!!


  1. Sounds like something fun. (I'm more of a lone wolf when it comes to exercising. No gym time for me.)

  2. You got tagged!

  3. I will live through YOU :)


  4. That sounds like an awesome workout...and fun too :)