Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I had to buy a coat today for a few reasons - First, all the coats I bought last year are way too big, and secondly because I have my husband's work party on Saturday and the two coats I have are not fancy enough.  I'll try to post a picture later of the coat I bought (which kind of has a cheetah ish look to it and is soft as a bunny (but it is not fur)  but my friends, it is a size....


That is size large with no "X" in front of it.  It is snug but I can move in it!   
It is so funny to me how sizes run so different.  I bought an XL ski type of coat last week and it is snug being an XL.    So it all depends on what you buy...however I am super psyched that I was able to purchase something that had no XXXXXXXXX!!!


  1. Awesome - bet you are rockin that coat!!! Such a great feeling, right?!!!!!!!


  2. Congratulations!! I know that is such a great feeling!!!