Thursday, November 17, 2011

Still here, still good....

I haven't posted since Monday!  What a slacker!  This has just been kind of a crazy week.  We are leaving for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I'm busy packing, organizing, getting the dog ready for the kennel, etc....I'm a bit excited and nervous about going 'home for the holidays' as the last time I went home after I'd lost some weight a few years ago, noone noticed.   This time though - I can't imagine anyone NOT saying something, especially when my next door neighbor bumped into me at a store and said "Wow, I didn't even recognize you - how can that be, since I see you all the time!".

I have been pretty lax in updating my exercise ticker too...I'm still doing all I've been doing, but I forget to update the ticker, so if I don't actually make my quarter goal on the ticker, I'm pretty certain that I will have made it...

I'm already mourning the lack of no fitness center for 7 days.  My girlfriend has a membership to her Y, so I might be able to go there when I'm visiting.  I'm just going to enjoy my holiday!


  1. Its great to be so different to your former self that people are not sure they recognise you. I have loved that too.
    Try a long hard walk, its a good substitute for the gym and available everywhere.
    Do enjoy your holiday, it will make you even more determined to be back on plan on your return

  2. Yes, enjoy your holiday! I bet you'll be amazed at how differently you'll handle the situation than in the past.

    Great post before too on seeing how far you've come! 82 pounds! Awesome!!

    Have a great weekend and great Thanksgiving if I don't hear from you before then.